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The morning-after pill stops you from becoming pregnant after you've had unprotected sex. It's also very useful if a condom breaks during intercourse. Although lots of people talk about the morning-after pill, this term is actually misleading. In reality, you don't have to take it on the morning after sex. You should take it as soon possible. The more quickly you take it, the better are the chances that it will work. However, you do have a little time in which to obtain it. One type of morning-after pill can if necessary be taken up to three days after sexual intercourse. Another type can be taken up to five days following sex. In Britain, nurses and doctors call this medication the post-coital pill (PCP).

We provide emergency hormonal contraception (more commonly known as the morning after pill) free of charge to any resident of Tower Hamlets over the age of 13.

Women wishing to use this service will be asked to attend at the pharmacy in person for a confidential consultation with the pharmacist which will involve discussions around sexual health and the supply of emergency contraception. This service is also offered on a walk in basis. 

Anyone not living in Tower Hamlets will be offered the same service for a charge of £25.00. We are now also able to prescribe a newer version of EHC in certain circumstances at a charge of £35.00. The paid service is also available to residents of Tower Hamlets, and both versions of EHC are only available to those over the age of 16 when paid for.

In some cases, it may not be appropriate to supply, and we will refer patients to the nearest appropriate service.

More information on emergency hormonal contraception can be found using the following link:

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