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Malaria is a serious tropical disease caused by the malaria parasite.   The parasite is passed to humans from the bites of infected mosquitos. A single bite can be enough to cause infection, and the disease can be fatal if left untreated. The parasite can even remain "hidden" or latent in the body for up to one year, only to then "activate" itself and cause the disease. Prevention of malaria amongst travellers is centred around four key principles, otherwise known as the ABCD of Malaria:

Awareness of risk: establishing whether malaria is present in the country you intend to travel to is essential. In some countries, it is present to a lesser extent, and avoidance of bites is sufficient. In others, more active prevention (chemoprophylaxis) is required. To check the risk for your trip, please click on the following link:

Bite prevention: the less you are bitten, the less likely you are to contract Malaria. It is that simple.

Chemoprophylaxis: in English, this means choosing the most effective antimalarials to take, taking them regularly and completing the course. To see which antimalarials are most effective for your destination, click on the following

Diagnosis: it is important for travellers to recognise the symptoms of malaria quickly, and to tell those who are treating them if they have been exposed to the disease in the past year.

To learn more about malaria, please click on the link below:

At Shantys Pharmacy, unlike other travel clinics, we place as much emphasis on the ABCD of malaria as we do on the choosing the correct antimalarial. We will set aside time to inform you of each aspect of prevention, assess your individual risk, and then help you to choose the right antimalarials for you. We are able to prescribe all antimalarials, without the need for a prescription. We will also remind you that your antimalarials alone are not enough to keep you safe, and that bite prevention and timely diagnosis are essential!

We do not publish antimalarial prices for one simple reason: many antimalarials are now available as generics, and prices tend to fluctuate. At present, the prices are decreasing, and fixing a price means that the traveller tends to lose out. We price our antimalarials at the time of consultation, so that we can pass any discounts on to you. As a pharmacy, we are also able to command larger discounts on medicines purchased from wholesalers than traditional travel clinics, meaning that our retail prices will be more reasonable.

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